The Cotton Mill

cotton millJason Campbell was born to Cotton Mill parents. He dreamed of the day that, as the New River flowed through on its way to bigger and better lands, He also would be literally swept away to a bigger and better life. He was. He shook the dust of the small town of Fries off his shoes to become a man of wealth and importance. By the age of 50, he had written a best selling novel and had the world at his fingertips. He had the perfect life. Or did he? Follow the roller-coaster life of Jason Campbell as he leaves the town of Fries, only to come back and discover even the tallest oak is only strong if it has deep roots. But was it too late for Jason? Had his roots rotted away? Or did watching the walls of the Cotton Mill come crashing to the ground, at the same time that his life was crashing around him, help him discover the truly important things in life.

Soft-cover book ($18.95)

(E-book) $8.95


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