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As a financial planner, I have to be registered under a Broker-Dealer.  A couple of years ago my Broker-Dealer gave me a book titled The WOW Factor by Frances Cole Jones.  The book lists 33 ways to increase your client base.  Of the 33 items, the only one I can remember is that you should find creative ways to bring happiness into your client’s life.  You do this by recognizing events in their life that is probably important to them, but overlooked by others.  This led me to think of ways I could do this for my clients.

I would like for you to think of your very special friends and family and do some of these things to bring hope and happiness to them.

Following are some of the things I strive to do above and beyond giving them quality service:

Foremost, I always remember their birthdays.  In addition, if both spouses are clients, I send them anniversary cards.  You have to be sure you’re up to date on your client’s lives though.  It can be embarrassing to send an anniversary card if the couple have separated.

I also remember the Christmas season, and send a card depending upon the client’s religion.  Again, this requires knowing something about the client to avoid embarrassment.  I actually had a client transfer a rather large account to me once because she was irritated to receive a Christmas card that expressed sympathy that this year a chair at her table would be empty.  Her husband hadn’t died, she had just finally been able to get a divorce from the bum.

I also watch the local newspapers and my magazines, and if there is an article about the client, or might be  of interest to the client, I send it to them with a little note.  For example, I have a client who has a very substantial farm that’s worth about $3 million.  I sent him an article on how to best pass along his farm, when all of the heirs do not share an interest in farming.

I invite the client to their choice of an annual pool-party cookout, wine and cheese event, or Christmas Party.

I am sure I am always there for them in the event of a tragedy.

My favorite though is each time one of my clients retires, I treat them to a trip to the Barter, and dinner.

Send me a comment telling me something that you use to WOW others, and bring them hope and happiness.

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