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My priceless gift to you, my Present, is….

The Present.

Yes, the Present.


This very moment and time.

Several years ago, I read a wonderful book by Dr. Spencer Johnson entitled “The Present” in which several people passed along to select individuals the secret to success, and that secret, I’m going to pass along to you, my special friends,  right now.

You see, the Present is the only time you have control over.

You may have learned from the mistakes, and successes of the Past, the yesterdays.

You can plan for, and visualize the future, the Tomorrows.

But the Present is the only time you can truly control.

So give your undivided attention to the opportunity at hand.  I’m not saying you should not plan and have goals, but have a set time to do that.  Don’t spend the moment you’ve said aside for completing the current task, daydreaming about something else.

Focus upon what you are doing at this very instant.

I like to think of the difference between think and focus being the same as a flashlight and a laser.  A flashlight can illuminate a piece of steel with its light, but a laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) taking that same beam and concentrating it, can pierce that steel.

So don’t just think about that project that you’re working on, FOCUS upon it.  And once completed, you can begin your next project.  This success will bring you hope and happiness.

So take control of the Present, Carpe articulum, and focus on the now.

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