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September, 2013

  • 13 September

    Self-Improvement month: The Living Level

    Self-Improvement month The Living Level (taken from my book The All New, and Improved, You) Last week we took a look at building a strong foundation consisting of faith, family & friends and finance for our self-improvement.  This week we look at building upon our foundation The Living Level consisting of Physical, Psychological and Personality Development.  Upon achieving improvement in …

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  • 6 September

    Self-improvement month: Foundation

    Self-Improvement month Building a strong foundation (taken from my book The All New, and Improved, You) “The loftier the building, the deeper the foundation must be.” Thomas a Kempis I call upon my background as a Civil Engineer, with construction experience, to help you form a strong, deep foundation.  Everyone knows that a house can be built from the best, …

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  • The Love Candle

    The Love Candle: I love the way God brings merging of events into my life. I can’t say it’s Serendipity, because I know it’s a God thing. Judy and I attended our Church Retreat this past weekend. The retreat was very spiritual, and rewarding, but there was one very special event that stood out to me. Judy led us in …

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  • He is Risen!