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October, 2013

  • 18 October

    Make a Difference

    Blog  Make a Difference Last winter while we were at our condo in Myrtle Beach, I joined Judy for her daily 5 -mile beach walk.  It had stormed the day before, and several starfish had washed up on the shore.  I began picking them up, and taking them back down into the tide.  I did this because of a story …

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September, 2013

  • 27 September

    Self-Improvement Month: Radiance

    Self-Improvement month Radiance (taken from my book The All New, and Improved, You) In the last three weeks we have looked at building a strong foundation consisting of Faith, Family & Friends and Finance for our self-improvement, looked at our Living Level consisting of Physical, Psychological and Personality Development, and at our Attic Level which stored our Accomplishment and Actualization …

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  • True Love

    Ah, Valentine’s Day. What a wonderful time to celebrate True Love. When I was young, I was in love. True love. Never-ending love. I would sit and listen to Sonny James as he told MY story Young love, first love Filled with true devotion Young love, our love We share with deep emotion Just one kiss from your sweet lips …

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  • The Love Candle