Friday , September 21 2018
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Thanksgiving Although I find it very interesting that we have to have a day, once a year, to remind us of how much we have to be thankful for 525,600 minutes a year, I nevertheless hope you do take a few minutes today to reflect upon just how blessed you and I are. If you should lose power and have …

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Finding Happiness in your back yard

Judy and I love to travel. We love to find new adventures, and that brings us hope and happiness. But sometimes, you can find your happiness in your own backyard. It seems like every year, we get a new “summer visitor” at our home. Last year it was a Writing Spider, also known as a garden spider, zipper spider, corn …

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The WOW Factor

As a financial planner, I have to be registered under a Broker-Dealer.  A couple of years ago my Broker-Dealer gave me a book titled The WOW Factor by Frances Cole Jones.  The book lists 33 ways to increase your client base.  Of the 33 items, the only one I can remember is that you should find creative ways to bring …

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