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Happiness is…Taking a Risk

Happiness is…Taking a risk Are you a risk taker? In a previous blog, Happiness is…Seizing the Moment, I discussed how traveling brings me happiness. In the blog, I referred to an upcoming cruise to the Dominican Republic and The Turks a few weeks later. Well, it turned out to be …

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Showing Gratitude

Showing Gratitude “No Man is an Island” is very true. None of us have ever achieved anything without having someone there to help us. Research shows that one of the key characteristics of Happy people is that they show gratitude. To make it even better, the more gratitude they show, …

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Choosing Hope

CHOOSING HOPE: Overcoming Despair Jerry L. Haynes, Bringing Hope And Happiness About 20 years ago I began my passionate quest to Bring Hope and Happiness to Others. Over the years, I’ve done this in several different ways. The project I’m working on now is my most exciting by far Although …

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True Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What a wonderful time to celebrate True Love. When I was young, I was in love. True love. Never-ending love. I would sit and listen to Sonny James as he told MY story Young love, first love Filled with true devotion Young love, our love We share …

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